GR 3

Drawing makes you see

things clearer, and

clearer and clearer still,

until your eyes ache.

-David Hockney

GR 8

Requirements, Syllabi, Lesson Plans

Class Notes & Links: Art Appreciation

Class Notes & Links: Art Making

in Art

  • Take on challenges (don’t run away when things get tougher)
  • Learn from mistakes (and do things differently next time)
  • Accept feedback (don’t get upset)
  • Practice and use appropriate strategies (give it time)
  • Persevere and have focus (don’t try to do two or more things at once)
  • Ask questions (ask for help)
  • Take risks – do something!


  1. Turn-in completed assignments on time
  2. Be prepared for class
  3. Perform cleaning tasks well
  4. Follow directions immediately
  5. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
  6. Control talking
  7. Use time wisely
  8. Work well with others and be respectful
  9. Be responsible during break time
  10. Be neat and organized
  11. English Only Policy