Visual Presentations

Syllabus, Lesson Plans & Requirements


Software Hints & Tutorials

You MUST bring

a USB Drive and

Headphones to

EVERY Computer


Computer Lab Rules

The lab is for school work ONLY. The equipment is expensive and there is NO budget for replacement or repairs. Leave the hardware and software alone.

  • Do not watch video, play music, or games on the lab computers
  • No instant messaging, emailing
  • No Facebook or other social media sites
  • Do not download or attempt to install any software or games.
  • Do NOT disconnect equipment for ANY reason
  • Report missing or malfunctioning equipment immediately

Do NOT download and use images from a Google Search without knowing if it is a copyrighted image!

Being a student in Taiwan does not excuse you from respecting Copyright Laws.


Know about copyright law!

Copyright song:

Copyright video: 11:00

Copyright video:

Library of Congress interactive infographic:


Legal Photos (photos that you can use without paying a fee)


The best place to start is Wikipedia: Public domain image resources.
All of the information you need with links to hundreds of images and sites.


The British Library has over a million images for free on flickr:

An resource of free historical videos, audio clips, images and 3D models:


Judy's favorite:


FREE Art Images from the National Gallery of Art:


Color Resources

Great Color Websites


++ Go to: to create a palette

++Color Hunter do you have a favorite image? upload it to color hunter and it will generate a color theme for you a really cool tool to see the range of colors available within an image

++TinEye  The fastest way to get free images in the perfect color

++Designspiration finding images that match your color scheme

++Design Seeds Mellow color palettes from nature

Trendy Color Schemes

Coolers: an application to generate color combinations

Paletton - a tool for creating color combinations

Color-Hex See your palette in different color models like RGB, CMYK

Material Palette - a tool for checking color combinations to make certain they can be easily viewed by someone having color deficits - for testing websites

Stylify me - fundamentals of a style guide

Learn About Color

Creating Your own Color Palettes

Color Matters


From one of my favorites: Spoon Graphics
25 Photoshop Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts You Probably Didn't Know or watch below

Adobe Make a Masterpiece

Check it out - amazing stuff. Wait for it to load, and then you can drag the layers around and see how it was created.

Do you want to make something new? Scroll down the webpage for some terrific step-by-step tutorials.